Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors

For Financial Advisors and RIAs, we offer our strategies as model portfolios, allowing the advisor to control all trading and final decision making while adding value to clients by allowing them to hold and see individual stocks selected by KDI.

KDI’s Core Equities Strategy is an excellent option for advisors as the strategy intentionally attempts to limit earnings erosion and downside in weak markets, thereby allowing the advisor to protect capital when clients feel the most vulnerable.

For Advisors

Core Equities

The Core Equities Strategy is a concentrated equities portfolio, typically holding 20-25 intensely vetted large-and-mid-cap stocks.  The Core Equities Strategy is designed to capture a “fair share” of upside in strong markets while providing investors peace of mind in weak markets by owning only high-quality companies with durable earnings.  KDI takes a long-term view on all investments and seeks to own companies that can continue to grow earnings over a long time horizon and across market cycles.  KDI seeks to identify attractive risk/reward situations, concentrating our clients’ capital in exceptional opportunities that provide safety through less operating risk and have the opportunity to exceed index returns over time.